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As an Affiliate You Can Earn a Substantial Amount of Money Reviewing Other People’s Products

In this section we will be teaching you how to crush it as an affiliate in 2020 and beyond!

We will add content to this section, as well as the live coaching call. Once again we will hold nothing back, as all we want for you is to be a huge success online.

The Fast Recip Review Intro

Here we have a case study for fast reciprocation.

The product that I’ll be reviewing has already been hit by 77 affiliates, and has done over 1,000 sales, so there’s probably not much “meat left on the bone” here. However, as you grown in this business, you will realise the need for “reciprocation” and you will feel the pressure of affiliates who have hit for you, asking you to hit for them.

So this will be an over the shoulder look at a fast recip review, using Google Docs, a cloned review page, my list and Google Ads.

Looking at the Product, the Sales, The Leaderboard

To begin with, we look at the product in question, and how many sales have been achieved so far, plus how many affiliates have been sending sales, what the conversion rate is, the refund rate, the earnings per click etc.

We look at the JV page and the the sales page to get a feel for the product. Then we take a look at the super affiliates and how many sales they sent us on our latest launch, to give you an idea on how the whole reciprocation game works.

Looking at the Product Itself and Beginning My Promo

Now we take a look at the product itself to make sure it’s decent enough to promote, and then I go and look back at previous reviews for the same vendor to see if I can save time by cloning a bonus doc.

I also see that I have a review page on my website that I can clone too, so this will show you all angles of the “fast recip review”

An Introduction on How to Create High Converting Review Videos

In this video, Jonas takes you through the exact strategy that he uses to create his high converting review videos, using one of our own products, Headway, as a case study.

How to Create High Converting Written Reviews on Your Website

In this video, Jonas shows you how to create written reviews for your website that convert.

Bonuses Uncovered!

This is something that a lot of people struggle with.

How to come up with bonus ideas, what to offer, what is too much, what is too little?

The Text to Speech Review Promo Case Study

As the Breakthrough member’s area grows, there will be more and more of these short case studies.

They are literally as if you are with us, at our laptop and we’re showing you what we do.  

In these videos we’ll also reveal all sorts of extra golden nuggets that are not usually revealed, so please make sure you pay attention and make notes!