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Traffic – Paid


Often when we are beginning learning how to make money online, we find ourselves a little scared of paid traffic, and would much rather only try for free traffic.  I totally get that.  When we’re starting we’re often in need of money, which is how we ended up finding “make money online” solutions.  

However, paid traffic, if done correctly, can be absolutely amazing.  

In this section we will be adding more content to cover all aspects of paid traffic, including Google Ads (which we call Gads) and YouTube paid traffic.

Free Traffic

To begin with we’ll be look at the Facebook method for free traffic.

This is VERY effective, and something that I myself still use when I need an extra boost for a promo.

I’ve Included two videos here, they are the same kind of content but recorded at different times, so you may pick up some different ideas from each.